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State of the Union

 President Obama 8/5

 Congress 8/4

 Supreme Court 8/3

 Direction of the country

 National priorities 8/3


 2016: White House 8/5

 2016: Congress

In the News

 White House 2016: Trial heats 8/5

 Iran and nuclear weapons 8/5

 Access to guns 8/5

 The fight against ISIS 8/5

 Voting issues 8/3

 Bernie Sanders 8/3

 Joe Biden 8/1

 Donald Trump 7/31

 Hillary Clinton 7/31

 Jeb Bush 7/31

 Scott Walker 7/31

 Democrats vs. Republicans

 Democratic Party

 Republican Party

 U.S.-Cuba relations

 The government in Washington

 Immigrants and refugees

 The Confederate flag

 Health care and the Supreme Court

 Marriage and the Supreme Court

 President Obama: Issue by issue

 John Kasich

 Economic priorities

 The best investments

 Int'l trade and the U.S. economy

 Being truly American

 Global warming

 George W. Bush

 Bill Clinton

 George H. W. Bush

 Jimmy Carter

 Chief Justice Roberts

 The gap between rich and poor

 Large corporations

 Raise the minimum wage?

 Republicans in Congress

 Democrats in Congress

 Campaign spending


 Obama: Characteristics and qualities

 The U.S. and Israel

 Death penalty

 Marco Rubio

 Rand Paul

 Ted Cruz

 Chris Christie

 Mitch McConnell

 John Boehner

 Common Core

 College athletes

 Russia and Ukraine


 Personal finances

 Keystone XL pipeline

 Most admired man, woman

 Confidence in the police

 Harry Reid

 Nancy Pelosi

 Michelle Obama

 Mike Huckabee

 Rick Perry

 Elizabeth Warren

 John Kerry

 Pope Francis

National Security



 Iran 8/5


 ISIS 8/5

 Korea, North and South


 North Korea




 Abortion, contraception

 Budget, taxes






 Gun laws 8/5

 Health policy


 Labor unions



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